Throw Blanket Fuchsia “Loyalty”


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Throw Blanket Fuchsia “Loyalty”

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Imagine you have cuddled up on the couch to read, with your favorite ‘Compassion’ socks on your feet. You have your ‘Elegance’ “Vintage Cotton Twill Cap” on your head and even while you are double layered with your ‘Benevolence’ ‘Tank Top’ and your ‘Empathy’ Hoodie, and a ‘Loyalty’ pillow in your back, you still don’t feel comfy; It is chilly without any physical activity!  A heavy blanket from the bedroom is a bad option; you need a Throw Blanket!

They cozy up a bare couch (if you did not yet decide on our pillows), add color accents to your space and are essential when you want to snuggle up and get all comfy. It is absolutely a great asset for whenever you’re sick but not sick enough to stay in bed. Throw blankets can be extremely popular and a source of competition when there are more people than blankets. It is instant comfort easily thrown over you whenever you wish for.

After imagining all the above, you might realize that none of the items mentioned are in your possession yet. If you recognize any of the above, you might consider our ‘Throw Blankets”. They are printed with one of the ‘Concepts of Elevation’ like the already mentioned ‘Empathy’, ‘Compassion’ or ‘Elegance’. It will create an atmosphere of kind-heartedness, not only needed in the world, but especially valued in your home.

The silky touch, combined with the concepts will have the function of a ‘Mantra’ and make you feel comfy and safe.  You can choose for the pronounced color ‘Fuchsia’, the more modest but very tasteful color ‘Smalt Blue’ or the neutral but warm Gray for the print of the concept. At least one of them will be suitable for your home. The freshness of the background is the same in all three varieties. You will experience the comfort of a warm blanket, being ‘Draped with Elevation’, but mostly the effect on growing shared values of kind-heartedness of the people around you.


The world needs some warmth! Not as in Climate change, but as a contrast to severe polarization and big changes to come world – wide. With the concept of ‘Kind-Hearted Commerce’ Planet Concourse makes a step building the world of the future. Propagating ‘being human’ and doing business that way. ‘We are all One World!’

In our ‘Loyalty Love Store’ you can buy several products expressing your ‘human beingness’. Our blankets are printed with one of five concepts from our “Concepts of Elevation in a fresh design.

Why “Loyalty”

Loyalty is an emotional attachment, allegiance and commitment, mostly to our own family, friends or group. But since the world has become a ‘Global Village’ with global village problems, our options to communicate world-wide have kept pace. The only logical step is to get to know one another and be loyal to the fact that despite our diversity, we all strive for the same– a good life.

Are these blankets ‘ethically’ manufactured?

No information is disclosed about origin and circumstances of manufacturing.  The printing is done at fulfillment centers in Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles, CA.

  • 100% polyester
  • Soft silk touch fabric
  • Printing on one side
  • White reverse side
  • Machine-washable

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