“Bemother The Other 9” Tote bag




Bemother the Other 9

Printed, cut, and hand-sewn in America

The English language does not have an equivalent word for the German ‘bemuttern’, or the Dutch word ‘bemoederen’. Both have about the same meaning as our ‘to mother’; It refers to what mothers do, namely ’raising with affection’, ‘caring’ and ‘taking care of’.

We use the concept of bemothering’ for the higher aspects of ‘mother qualities’, like ‘lead with kindheartedness’, ‘help others flourish’, ‘provide safety’, or ‘act for the benefit of all’. For bemothering’, a different attitude in the interaction with others is quintessential. It implies a transcendent perspective on problems we face and relies on one of women’s best assets: Working together. So, the focus should not be merely on gratifying the targets of the most dominant participants, but fulfilling the needs of all of us. Actions still can be done with self-interest in mind, but only in the whole’s context.

Why Bemother the Other?

It makes sense to initiate theelevationof people around you, not only with your care and affection, but also with your intention to help them flourish. It makes sense to take the role of “mother” in your world. Since there are a lot of good people, you probably will experience the soothing effects of them doing the same. This is how we move away from tribalism and malicious competition, initiate ‘cooperation’ as the new paradigm and be an example for others. It will change the “winner takes all” mentality into “we all win”. We are not a game of poker. The world needs some warmth! The problems we are facing definitely need a different approach. The Planet is ready to be “Bemothered”.

Why the Loyalty Love Store?

Pandora’s Paradise Club developed the concept of ‘Kindhearted Commerce’ which is an example of bemotheringitself. It propagates being human’, not only in your personal life, but in business as well. With this philosophy we created our ‘Loyalty Love Store’. Products are available there, expressing yourhuman beingness’. For instance, in our ‘Concepts of Elevation’, we selected six concepts central to what it means to be human that can be found printed or embroidered on apparel. It gives you a way to express where you stand in life in a modest but pronounced way. In the jet stream of ‘International Women’s Day’ we started our ‘Bemother the Planet’ and our ‘Postpartum Parity’ concepts. Your ‘Bemother the Other’ bag is part of that.

Your ‘All-Over Print’ tote bag

Ever wondered how versatile a tote bag is? Of course, you can use it as your daytime purse for whenever you’re running errands, or simply need a bag to hold all your personal items as you go to visit friends. Or you would use it for your shopping, whether that is your groceries, or your latest fashion purchases (skip their bag!). But what about school, college or work? Your tote is with 15”X15” large enough for most books & laptops. Of course, it is very handy whenever you go to the beach: towel & sun screen out, clothing in. Other ideas? Picnic bag, Gym Bag, storage bag at home or travel bag. But why don’t you use this opportunity to state who you are and what you care for?

There are a lot of Good People.

Bemother The Otherwill send a strong message to the world!

  • 100% spun polyester fabric
  • Fabric weight: 9.44 oz/yd² (320 g/m²)
  • Bag 15” x 15″ (38.1cm x 38.1cm)
  • Capacity – 2.6 US gal (10l)
  • Maximum weight limit – 44lbs (20kg)
  • Dual handles 100% natural cotton bull denim
  • Handle length 11.8″ (30 cm), width 1″ (2.5cm)

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