“Bespoke Loyalty” Unisex Tank Top


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“Bespoke Loyalty”

Bella + Canvas 3480 Unisex Premium Tank Top

Dillon stared at the fan above him in his hotel room.  Normally he loved temps in the low 80s in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but now with his fever, the heat has turned against him.

As a 15-year-old, Dillon was a skinny boy who found a way to boost his self-esteem by going to the gym four times a week. Years later he had built confidence, muscles and a lot of knowledge about fitness, equipment and supplements. After his BA graduation and his choice to become a copywriter/online marketer, he made the only logical step and chose the fitness industry as his niche. His travels through Asia brought him a love for the area and a direction in his life. Since he was a young entrepreneur, not bound to any location, and because of his adventurous mind, the choice for Vietnam as his temporary residence made sense: life was cheap and there was a new culture to explore. After a few months he considered his integration into the Vietnamese society only partly successful. He did have a Vietnamese girlfriend called Anh, but his contact with locals was limited to buying groceries, eating out and asking for directions. Living in the “Belly” of this large city brought him, however, excitement every day, and that was the main reason he intended to build his business from this location. He wanted to stay.

Instead of wearing one of his classical white button-up shirts-he likes to dress like a gentleman- he chose this morning for his ‘Compassion’ tank-top. The shirt was a gift from his aunt Helena, an old hippy who had studied Eastern philosophy and lived in India most of the time over forty years. After she noticed he took an interest in Buddhism, saw his striving to see past shallow appearances and see true suffering and need, she decided to give him this shirt with one of its major concepts printed on it in minimalist but elegant letters. “That’s prajna” she said, referring to his efforts, and while giving him the shirt, “that’s transcendental wisdom!” Since then, it has been his favorite shirt for exercising. After getting dressed-just a pair of slacks and his tank-he didn’t feel well and lay down again. While Dillon tried to follow the rotating blades of the fan, he felt the slight breeze caused by it, which gave some cooling.

Then he focused on the concept Compassion and the butterfly on his shirt. He developed from caterpillar to butterfly himself, and it had brought him to Vietnam and entrepreneurship. The butterfly on the shirt had also another meaning for him. He truly believed the world could be a better place if people made a serious effort to elevate themselves, instead of acting on their “Lizard brain”, as he used to call it. For him that was through Buddhism, but there were so many other ways. Right now, he considered society an immature caterpillar in so many instances. That was so nice about Anh! She knew what he was talking about. And lucky him, she was coming over to take care of him and his fever! She’s the most warm and compassionate woman he ever met.

The Tank Top

The image of a tank top on a sweaty muscular body does not do right to the versatility of the shirt. It is great to wear during the warm weather month’s outdoors or during your workout in the gym for both men and women, and it is also nice to wear just lounging around the house. But who says you have to wear your tank top by itself? They are great for layering under light jackets, blazers, and over shirts or, just when you need some extra warmth. They go great with shorts or jeans or leggings.

You can also ‘communicate’ with your shirt and express your identity not only with what you wear, but also by sending a message of kind-heartedness.


The text ‘Compassion’ on Dillon’s shirt is one of our ‘Concepts of Elevation’. We think the world needs some warmth. Not as in Climate change, but as a contrast to severe polarization and big changes to come world-wide. With the concept of ‘Kind-Hearted Commerce’ Planet Concourse makes a step building the world of the future. Propagating ‘being human’ and doing business that way. ‘We are all One World!’

In the hope you support our mission, we offer you to buy products expressing that ‘human beingness’ in our ‘Loyalty Love Store’. For our Tank Tops we have a collection of six designs- or better, one design for six different “Concepts of Elevation”, like ‘Compassion’, ‘Empathy’, ‘Elegance’ or ‘Loyalty ’for that goal. We think that with such a tank top, you do make a statement. That you made the choice to embrace them, as elevating oneself can be a choice. The complete collection would be such an asset to your wardrobe.

Product description:

With a weight of 4.2 oz./yd2 you have a light weight but soft shirt that has a nice feel. In summer months it will be thin enough to be cool and drying pretty quickly. The outside label (soft) on the back has the Planet Concourse logo -representing the change of the world from Caterpillar to Butterfly. It will add a certain ‘extra’ to your Tank.

Isn’t it time to update your wardrobe and make your statements of kind-heartedness with some ‘Loyalty Love’ shirts?

  • Planet Concourse logo on the inside label
  • 100% combed and ringspun cotton
  • Tri-blends are 50% polyester/25% combed/25% ring spun cotton/rayon
  • Fabric weight: 4.2 oz./yd2 (142.40 g/m²)/ triblends – 3.8 oz./yd2 (90.07 g/m²)
  • 30 singles thread weight
  • Side-seamed, unisex sizing

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