BeGenerous Trucker Cap gold


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“BeGenerous” Trucker Cap

Yupoong 6006, 5 Panel Trucker Cap with embroidery.

The Trucker hat has ‘elevated’ itself from a rural ‘gimme’ to a fashion item for quite some time. With your superpower, it even can go beyond! Why? It all has to do with its prominent front.

They are tailor made for displaying logo’s or promotional messages, like for John Deer, or “Red Man” chewing tobacco, with the image of an ‘Indian’ included. The caps were given away for that reason to truckers, farmer and alike and became ‘a thing’ for ‘self made’ ‘No Nonsense’ Southern males. It was seen as an essential piece of the workingman’s wardrobe.

Until it was discovered by Young people in the early 00s—according an article in the NYT—in enclaves like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles as a response to the expensive, logo-covered clothing of the wealthy high conjuncture years. It became cool to be uncool with irony. Codes even developed about how to wear them, expressing who you are. Cocked up to the right means you’re from Williamsburg, pulled down and to the right means you’re a gay man from Chelsea, pushed up and to the left represents the Lower East Side. Others, however, criticized it as ‘Over The Top’, and ‘Trying Too Hard’. Women from all areas pull them down flirtatiously over one eye. The front of the hat was used for identity supporting messages, deliberately dorky commercials, or creating a ‘one of a kind customized’ item with needlepoint or airbrush. And soon it became mainstream with artists like Pharrell, Timberlake or “Jackass” Johnny Knoxville.

Years later, we ended up in a polarized environment. And while our polarized world is craving for some ‘Empathy’ and ‘Compassion’, the original advertising function of the ‘mesh’ (Trucker Hat) with a high front specific for this function, has never has been used to ‘market’ kindheartedness.

With the concept of ‘Kindhearted Commerce’, our platform ‘Planet Concourse’ makes a step in building the world of the future. We propagate ‘being human’ and do business that way. In our ‘Loyalty Love Store’ you can buy products expressing yourhuman beingness’ and contribute to your favorite Cause the same time. In our designs we make a call to ‘BeGenerous’, Be Generous with Empathy, Compassion and alike, or present those concepts as ‘Cool’ with the ‘double entendre’. Compassion does not need intense emotions; it is a way of life.

Even with a toothpick in your mouth, you can propagate kindheartedness.

For truckers, logger and farmers,

For hip hoppers, hipsters and skaters

or anyone who wants “America Great Again” or “Builds it Back Better”!


  • Structured, five-panel, high-profile cap
  • Classic trucker cap styling in a cool fabric blend.
  • 47% cotton, 28% nylon, 25% polyester, or 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Flat bill
  • Snapback closure
  • Head circumference: 21⅝″–23⅝″

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