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Bespoke Loyalty


Bespoke Loyalty  is– as in clothing–‘made from scratch to your specifications’. ‘Bespoke Loyalty’ or ‘tailor-made’ loyalty, accentuates the fact that true loyalty comes from knowing, accepting, and appreciating the person you are loyal to.



“Idiocy” humorously expresses just how much loyalty is really about compassion, sticking together, and accepting the short-comings of the other. It’s about emotional attachment, allegiance, and commitment.
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Benevolence expresses the kind-heartedness we want to propagate. Not simply naiveté–Instrumental naiveté.  Naiveté with awareness and purpose. Comity First.  Amity First. It is as President Ronald Reagan said when making friends with the Soviet Union. “Trust but Verify!



Elegance is more than just appearance as in a dress. With “Elegance” we express our striving for well-manneredness with respect for the other. It is refinement in its simplicity and purity. Elegance in appearance is an extra.
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“Compassion Love & Loyalty” 

Make a clear statement. No tribalism. Compassion Love & Loyalty is what matters!

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